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For over 18 years, the residents of Poway, CA have entrusted their home improvement, maintenance, installations and repairs to us as it pertains to their HVAC and plumbing needs. We are a family owned and operated business, and we treat our customers with the same courtesy and regard that we treat each other. We just don’t believe that there is any better way to conduct business and treat people. Our passion for quality and value differentiate us from the competition, and it’s a large part of why we think that your home in “The City in the Country” could greatly benefit from our expertise in all matters that concern HVAC and plumbing.

We Offer a Number of Different Services

Our expert staff can help you with your HVAC or plumbing undertaking in all aspects. No job is too big or too small, and rest assured, our staff has seen it all. We can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • AC and heating installation, maintenance and repairs
  • plumbing installation, maintenance and repairs
  • water heater services, including tankless
  • water filtration
  • drain cleaning and video inspection
  • ductless

Your Poway home will benefit greatly from the care and quality that our staff performs each task with. Maintenance programs are also available so that you can be sure that your fixtures are undergoing the routine maintenance that is so vital to their optimal performance. Lastly, we understand that issues can arise at inconvenient times, which is why we gladly offer 24-hour emergency services seven days a week, so there is no reason you can’t get in touch with us when something problematic happens.

Signs You Need Repair

There are several signs that you can look for that may suggest it is time for you to contact a professional. No sign is too small to be ignored, and if you feel like it’s beyond your level of expertise, a free consultation could be the right move for you.

Check if your Heating and Cooling system is doing any of the following:

  • blowing hot air
  • making weird rattling, whistling, buzzing or grinding noises
  • issuing a foul odor
  • high humidity indoors
  • restricted airflow
  • constantly cycling the AC on and off
  • leaking water from coolant or condensation

You may be in need of repair work if any of the following is happening with respect to plumbing:

  • you have no [hot] water
  • water pressure is lacking
  • toilet is overflowing regularly
  • toilet overflows regularly
  • slow draining
  • foul smells, like sewage
  • you smell gas

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At Morey Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc., we see free quotes and estimates as investments in clients that we would like to eventually call family; it’s why we treat you as such and provide upfront and honest feedback. When you call us at (858) 252-1295 for a free quote, that is exactly what you will be getting: There is no cost or obligation to you to do business with us. We understand our pricing is competitive, and we have absolute confidence in it, which is why our price is structured at a fixed rate. You won’t be hearing about any hidden fees from us. Try us on for size and give us a call today to see how we can better assist you.

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