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As a resident of “The Valley of Opportunity,” surely you see that there is plenty of opportunity for HVAC or plumbing installation, repair or maintenance in your El Cajon, CA home. Who better to assist you than us? Our company has been going over 18 years strong, since 2000, all over the San Diego area and we think we know why. The heart of our operation is family: Our company is owned and operated by family, and we can think of no better way to treat our customers than as an extension of our family, as well. Your experience with our staff is guaranteed to be one of expert advice, quality service and upfront honesty. The price you are quoted is the one you’ll pay – we don’t believe in hidden costs or agendas, and we know our price is highly competitive. Experience the Morey difference when you call or click for a free estimate or quote today.

We Offer a Number of Different Services

The staff at Morey Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Inc. specializes in all matters of installation, repair and maintenance as it pertains specifically to your HVAC and plumbing systems. Our services include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • AC and heating installation, maintenance and repairs
  • plumbing installation, maintenance and repairs
  • water heater services, including tankless
  • water filtration
  • drain cleaning and video inspection
  • ductless

We understand that regular check ups on your systems may not be the first thing on your mind, but they are vital to the quality of the home you keep. That’s why we offer a comprehensive routine maintenance program: An expert can conduct these check ups for you regularly to ensure that your systems are running at optimal performance standards, without you having to bat an eye.

We also understand that not all inconveniences are created equal, which is why we have someone on hand in the chance that you may need a service executed beyond regular business hours. We offer this 24-hour emergency service seven days a week in the hopes that you may not need it, but that you can find comfort in it being available.

Signs You Need Repair

It may not always be easy to detect when something has gone awry in your home, but it is important to keep a wary eye out for things that may appear off. In the event that you aren’t entirely confident in what constitutes an immediate call to a technician, consider the following signs.

For starters, you should consider repairing your HVAC system if:

  • the system is blowing warm air
  • you are hearing weird rattling, whistling, buzzing or grinding noises
  • you smell any foul odors
  • you experience a high humidity indoors
  • you feel a restricted airflow
  • the AC is cycling on and off constantly
  • you see water leaks from refrigerant or condensation

You should consider getting your plumbing system repair if:

  • you have no water at all
  • you have no hot water
  • you experience a lack of water pressure
  • you notice that the toilet overflows regularly
  • you see, in general, slow draining
  • you smell foul odors, like sewage, or even more so, gas

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We believe that transparency and honesty should be free. That’s why when you call us today to see what we can do to meet your plumbing, heating and/or cooling needs, you’ll be on the receiving end of a free quote and estimate; you are under no obligation to do business with us. We know our rates are competitive, and we stand by them entirely. Don’t hesitate. Call us at (858) 252-1295 today.

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