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mounted split type air conditioner

Ductless Air Units in San Diego, California

Should You Go Duct-Free?

At Morey Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., we’re excited to offer installation, services and repair on ductless heating and cooling systems. Also referred to as mini-split systems, ductless HVAC complexes are perfect for those looking to increase their energy efficiency at home and achieve consistent room temperatures.

How it Works

Ductless heaters and air conditioners usually consist of an indoor unit mounted on the wall combined with an outside compressor. The system only requires a small hole in the wall which makes them less vulnerable to leaks and security breaches. If you’re looking for a quiet and discreet temperature-regulating system, ductless units may be the answer.

Why Choose Ductless Units

Did you know that 25 percent of your utility bill comes from the energy spent on propelling a duct-based cooling and heating system? With ductless units, you not only lower your utility bills by increasing energy efficiency but you also aren’t spending any money to heat or cool rooms you never use. Many homeowners choose to install ductless units in the bedroom or living room where their most time is spent.
Additionally, many local companies offer utility incentives if you switch to mini-split systems. You may even qualify for a tax credit for using one. What are you waiting for?

Make the Switch Today

If you have remaining questions about ductless heating and cooling units, our technicians are more than happy to answer your questions and consult with you about whether or not you should invest in a mini-split system. If you already have one, allow our specialists to keep it performing at an optimal level with the periodic maintenance services and repairs it requires. Give us a call today.


"I just wanted to express my thanks for the incredible service by both your office and the service technician who came to our home. I called this morning expecting to have to wait days for an appointment. Your office was very courteous and helpful. They were able to schedule a service call today and the technician arrived within 4 hours.
While I fully anticipated having to replace our AC unit, the tech was able to quickly determine the problem was just a blown fuse. My wife told me that the tech was very professional and friendly during his visit.
I suspect we will need your services sometime in the future and I won’t hesitate to contact your company or recommend you to a friend. Thanks again!"
- S Lynkins, San Diego, CA
"It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Everyone that we have dealt with in your company has been so kind and helpful. The heater is wonderful and I'm sure the air conditioner will be also when we finally need it!
Yours will be the company I call if any other plumbing needs arise, and on this old house I'm sure there will be plenty. Thanks for everything."
- R Wilson, San Diego, CA