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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Thermostat

A good thermostat can save you big bucks in annual energy costs while offering incredible flexibility to fine-tune the temperatures in your home. Thermostat technology has come a long way. But, with so many options available, how do you select the right device?
Learning about buyer mistakes can help you choose the right thermostat for your home. Here are some common ones to avoid.

1. Opting for the Cheapest Thermostat
The cost of thermostats varies greatly depending on the type and brand. On average, you may pay $25-$60 for a mechanical thermostat, $90-$150 for digital programmable one and $200-$300 for a smart electronic thermostat.
While any of these can get the job done, low-priced mechanical or programmable types may lack the flexibility and efficiency of smart thermostats. Some may also be difficult to program, negating the energy-saving benefits a thermostat is meant to deliver.
To realize greater energy-saving advantages, opt for a smart thermostat. This type allows you to automate your heating and cooling needs and it will pay for itself in convenience and energy efficiency. A smart thermostat can deliver up to 23 percent energy savings over the conventional thermostat.

2. Not Matching the Thermostat to Your Heating System
When shopping for a thermostat, consider the type of your heating and cooling system. If you have more than one level of cooling and heating output, you will need a different type of thermostat than someone with a single heat output will.
If your house has separate cooling and heating systems, install a thermostat for each system. For greater flexibility, opt for a programmable or smart thermostat if you have a zoned heating system that warms or cools the home depending on the needs of each room.

3. Not Factoring in Wiring Requirements
Before buying a thermostat, check your heating system's wiring. If your home has the standard two low-voltage wires, an electromechanical programmable thermostat is a safe option, especially if you are not looking to tamper with the existing wire setup.
If your home has a common wire, also known as a C-wire setup, invest in a smart thermostat if this is what you need. Consult your HVAC service provider if you are unsure whether you have a C-wire.
In case you do not have a C-wire but you want a smart thermostat, you have several options.  Select a brand with a power adapter that allows easy installation of a C-wire to your existing wire setup.
Alternatively, opt for a thermostat that can operate without a C-wire. Be sure to check out the features to ensure you are getting a thermostat that fully meets your needs.  Also, bear in mind that this type of thermostat has a higher risk of damaging your HVAC equipment.
Lastly, buy a separate adapter that allows you to add a C-wire. Factor in the cost of installing the C-wire and the thermostat itself when making your purchase decision.
Find a professional HVAC technician to install your smart programmable thermostat. While most thermostats are easy to fix, the smart types may require more work, especially if you need to install a C-wire.  A professional can determine what you need to make your thermostat work correctly.
The best thermostat is one that delivers convenience, flexibility, and more importantly, significant energy-efficiency. Consider your heating and cooling needs, the level of convenience you desire, and the overall climatic patterns in your area when buying a thermostat for your home.
At Morey Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc., we understand that your home's temperatures can affect your work efficiency, health, and mood. Whether you are looking to install an HVAC system or to replace your thermostat with a more efficient one, you can trust our qualified technicians to get the job done. Call us today to discuss your heating and cooling needs.


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